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Riggor Mortis
Realistic Artistic Professional

Riggor Mortis

Realistic Artistic Professional


About Me

I am me. I have a different look to me and am willing to use that to express art. Whether it is my vision or someone elses. I think outside the box from the clothes I wear to the art I create. I pride myself on doing the abnormal to make beautiful art. I try to use the simplest of shots to convey the most complex of emotions. Being a model and photographer gives me a unique look at expressing emotions.

To evoke emotion with art is the most important thing to me.

I have also had my images used for promotional purposes, blogs, and advertisements.

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Juror's Prize at Biting the Apple OKC 2011
First Place in Infinity Gallery's Black and White show
Best Single Image Then There Were 8 A Fine Art Photography Exhibition
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